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4th China Shanghai International Arts Festival
10  - 17 November 2002



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Nü Horizons
Australian Women Artists

Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts
5 - 7 November
An exhibition tour by nine women artists from across Australia presenting works in a diverse range of media. Nü Horizons acknowledges the growing and on-going links between Australia and China. Slide-talks by the artists will provide insight into both their own work and aspects of the contemporary Australian art scene. This artist-initiated Cultural Exchange Project is supported by Arts Victoria, Arts Queensland, ArtsWA, and the Hangzhou Academy of Art. Curator Elizabeth James.

For further information about N
ü Horizons visit: www.objectix.com.au/nuhorizons

Marine Forms from the Fleurieu Peninsula
Robin Best

Madame Mao's Dowry
10 -1 November 2002

Robin Best Porcelain is amongst the most exquisite of Chinese art forms, with its fragility and beauty it creates a feeling of intense vulnerability.

The cast porcelain forms in this exhibition carry the imprints of a host of marine life that inhabit the reefs of the Southern Ocean including algae, seaweeds, sponges, bryozoans and corals. These reefs are under enormous stress from pollution and competition from introduced species.

For further information about Marine Forms from the Fleurieu Peninsula exhibition please contact:

Robin Best
Studio 11, JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design
19 Morphett Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Ph: +618 8414 7214

Email: robin.best@mail.jamfactory.org.au

Connection Visual II

An Exhibition of Western Australian Contemporary Fine Art

The College of Fine Art Gallery, Shanghai University

8 - 29 November 2002

PamGauntPuckred Connection Visual II is the second in a series of exhibition collaborations between the College of Fine Art, Shanghai University and the Arts Community of Western Australia. Connection Visual II features the current work of nineteen leading West Australian artists working across a range of different media: painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, with a special collaborative digital art installation by the School of Visual Arts, Edith Cowan University. Connection Visual II will be shown at the College of Fine Art Gallery within the main Shanghai University complex, to coincide with the Shanghai International Arts Festival.
Exhibiting Artists:
Walter Gomes; Lydia Dombrovska Larsen; Andrew Leslie; Holly Story; Stuart Elliot; Rina Franz; Pam Gaunt; Galliano Fardin; Theo Koning; Frank Morris; Hans Arkeveld; Thomas Hoareau; Eubena Nampitjinpa; Bye Bye Napangati; Christopher Crouch; Clive Barstow; Amanda Allerding; Nicola Kaye; Jeremy Blank.

For further information about the Connection Visual II exhibition please contact:


Joy Denise Scott, Project Manager
Phone:+618 9257 1073
Fax: +618 9257 107

Email: joyscott@iinet.net.au


Chen Zeng Hao, Chief of Foreign Affairs
Phone: +86 21 6613 3029
Fax: +86 21 6674 3200
Email: czhsh@eastday.com


The 8th International Conference on Australian Studies

Anhui University, Hefei, Anhui Province
13-19 November 2002  

The 8th International Conference on Australian Studies and celebration of the 30th Anniversary of China-Australia Relations is organised by the China Association of Australian Studies, hosted by Anhui University's Oceanic Literature Research Institute and sponsored by the Australia-China Council.

The theme of this year's conference is 'China-Australia Relations: Looking Back and Forward". It is a multi-disciplinary conference with presentations on various aspects of Australian Studies and Australia-China relations.

For further information about The 8th International Conference on Australian Studies please contact:

Zhu Yunyi, Oceanic Literature Research Institute
Anhui University, Hefei, Anhui, PRC 230039